Gloss Meter ETB-0833

ETB-0833 Glossmeter Gloss Meter 20˚ 60˚ 85˚
Please see the following Examples of Applications
20˚: High gloss paint (cars), plastics, varnish, sheet, paper and metal
60˚: Universal for paints, printing ink,varnish, metal, anodized aluminum, plastics and ceramics
85˚: Matt paint and surfaces in aviation, military, furniture and automobile interiors
ISO2813,ASTM D523

Measure range:0-200Gu
Accuracy: <±1.2Gu
Repeatability: ± 0.5 Gueba
Stability: <±0.4 Gu/30Min
Power supply: 1.5V AA Battery
Dimensions: 140 mm×80 mm× 48 mm
Environment temperature: 0-40℃
Projecting angle: 20°60°85°
Relative humidity: ≤ 85%

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